Huskins Banjo Works

I grew up in love with the banjo. My family did not see buying an instrument as much of a priority, but Earl Scruggs, Grandpa Jones and Pete Seegar were among my childhood heroes. While I was in college, I parlayed some savings, a small amount of store credit and my old electric bass to trade for an almost decent banjo and a couple of lessons.

Huskins Banjo WorksHuskins Banjo WorksA year later, in 1973, I built my first banjo. It was a simple open back with a plain maple neck and no tone ring. I kept learning and practicing. In 1975 I finally built a banjo I was proud of. I showed it to everyone who would look. Sonny Osborne once played it for an hour back stage at a festival where we both were booked. He loved the sound and offered some helpful suggestions on neck profile. So, I took it apart and changed the neck.

Since then, I’ve built banjos and done instrument repair and custom inlay in addition to a separate career. Now I’m a full time luthier. Since 2001, I’ve been focusing on two types of banjos: the short-necked, five string banjeaurine, and an open back that combines the best features from classic Vegas and Gibsons. These banjos are warm and clear and sweet and beautifully finished. They’re easy to play and maintain since they don’t have the problems associated with dowel sticks and bracket shoes.

I’m still in love with the banjo and still a fan of anyone who plays one well.

Jim Huskins